Über dieses Webinar:

Creating any academic book comes with many challenges: the proper layout, consistent formatting, citing correctly, and finishing on time. Formatting large documents, like a monograph, Ph.D., or Master’s thesis, consumes a lot of time. With SciFlow, authors, researchers, and students can produce a monograph or thesis with a single click.

This master class shows how to create a typeset book with a button push. We provide ten valuable suggestions from customer projects to create professional looks in SciFlow, whether in English or your local language, according to the highest standards of global publishers or based on your own institution’s templates.

What’s on offer:

  • Intro to SciFlow: Write first, format at the end
  • Choosing the right template
  • Using a clear structure
  • Citing consistently
  • Maintaining figures, tables, and equations stringently
  • Mastering the editorial flow in SciFlow
  • Making the final touches: page breaks, hyphens, and more
  • Using the SciFlow support
  • Submit stress-free
  • Do more with your book: more export formats to address more distribution channels

Today’s speaker: Joanna Sikorski is a project manager at KIT Scientific Press. She will give insights into the latest book publishing project that has been realized with SciFlow.

Presenting host: Arthur Höring will host the webinar. He is a former student from the FU Berlin and now a Customer Success Specialist in SciFlow, sharing his experience with writing a thesis. Dr. Igor Osipov, SciFlow Advisor and international industry expert will facilitate the Q&A session.

Die Referenten:

Johanna Sikorski
Karlsruher Institute of Technology