Über dieses Webinar:

Writing collaboratively on the same version of an article, sharing references, and tracking changes are essential features of SciFlow to allow co-authors to write a research paper together.

This master class will provide practical suggestions and tips on creating a publication in SciFlow. It is intended for all academics who create publications alone or in a team.

What you can expect:

  • A first impression of SciFlow
  • Choosing an appropriate template (all global publishers or your own)
  • Structuring the document
  • Inserting images, tables, and formulas
  • Citing & managing references in SciFlow
  • Inviting co-authors and collaboration (including change tracking)
  • Collaborative writing, commenting, and sharing references
  • Support from the SciFlow team

Today’s speaker: Our guest for this master class will be Dr. Tristan Petit, Young Investigator Group Nanoscale Solid-Liquid Interfaces at Helmholtz Berlin. He will walk the audience through his own cases and best practices for using SciFlow with co-authors across the globe

Presenting host: Your host will be Dr. Carsten Borchert, co-founder of SciFlow and former Ph.D. student at the University of Magdeburg. Dr. Igor Osipov, SciFlow Advisor and international industry expert will facilitate the Q&A session.

Die Referenten:

Dr. Tristan Petit
Helmholtz Berlin