Über dieses Webinar:

Next-generation digital Publishing goes beyond PDF ebooks. Texts are treated like a semantic model consisting of references inside and outside the publications. Citations, annotations, personas, and places are examples to put the publications into a broader context. Single-Source Publishing workflows based on XML build the foundation for distributing those texts in various formats and keeping references intact and dynamic.

Open standards in writing and publishing and tools based on standards simplify those workflows. For disciplines and types of publications, various standards exist. One of the essential writing tasks in every field is efficiently handling references in the text. Writing scientific texts with better quality and less effort can be achieved if authors utilize a text editor suited for academic needs and a reference manager. Combining these two tools will be the topic of this master class.

The master class will provide examples of how SciFlow, Zotero, and other reference managers use common open standards efficiently and profitably.

We will address these topics:

  • Overview of open standards in academic publishing
  • Brief introduction of Zotero and SciFlow
  • Connecting reference managers to SciFlow
  • Writing and citing in SciFlow
  • Automatically creating references and source lists
  • We take it further by dealing with Citation Style Language (CSL) in Zotero and SciFlow as an example (more tools are integrated).

Today’s speaker: Our guest will be Ph.D. Elisa Bastianello, Digital Publications Manager at Max Plank Institute of Art History. She will present her digital publication workflow based on SciFlow and JATS-XML.

Presenting host: The webinar hosts are the two co-founders of SciFlow, Frederik Eichler and Dr. Carsten Borchert, and Dr. Igor Osipov, SciFlow Advisor.

Die Referenten:

Ph. D. Elisa Bastianello
Max Plank Institute of Art History